Saturday, June 28, 2008

Baby Kitten!

We have a new kitten! His name is Mugsy:

That's what we name orange cats in our family. Isn't he great? He joins the two cats we already have. This is Bean, who thinks she's the Queen of Sheba:

Bean's hobbies include hissing and making bold statements with her bodily effluvia. This is B:

B is my favorite. Of her waking hours, she's very sweet 70% of the time, aloof 20% of the time, very irritating and demanding 9% of the time, and bitey 1% of the time. She's small--under six pounds--but she's got gigantic feet, with extra toes and everything. So far my attempts to photograph them have met with mixed results. I apologize for the poor image quality, but you've gotta see 'em. Here she is posing with my library card, which is credit card-sized:

Here she is standing on my desk. That round white object is my mouse.

Here is the bottom (sole?) of her left hind foot:

So B's my favorite. But new kitten! Hooray!


the bewilderness said...

What a charmer. The scarab on his forehead is gorgeous!
I have polydactyl cats too! I love their giant mittens.

Erin said...

They're all gorgeous: baby, calico, and what we call in my house "thumby cats". We don't have thumby cats, but I've been super-fond of every one I've ever known.

Amy said...
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Faeamy said...

Aw, what a great Mugsy! I hope he's as bitey as Chickenhead is!!!

Bitey said...

Hi there, faeamy! (faeamy is my beloved sister! Chickenhead is my mom's latest Mugsy!) So far he's very sweet, but he may become bitey under my influence.

Thalia said...

OMG! Mugsy is adorĂ ble. Yes, you must say that in the French manner: ah-dor-AAAH-bluh.

Bean and B are lovely too. Bean's what I've always called a shuffle tortie, since her colors are all shuffled up, and B's extra toes are marvelous. Check out those footiepads!