Monday, April 16, 2007

That's what I'm talking about!

THIS, dude! Oh my GOD! Why isn't there more of this? More to the point: Why isn't everything like this? Every day, I am horrifed that whether a person has enough food to eat, or has a safe place to lay her head, or has medicine when she is ill depends on how much money she makes. It is a horror and a shame that a person can work and work and yet be poor. Why?! I'm not gonna get into my I'm-a-big-fat-socialist rant (it's still in the drafting stage), so all I can say is, dude! Don't be so fucking greedy all the time! Don't be such a fucking classist! (Not you, personally. Maybe.) Okay, I have nothing cogent to say on this, so I'll stop now. But dude! WHY?!

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witchy-woo said...

That cafe.... Those Birky's....

That is how things should be, isn't it?

"Pay what you think it's worth" - the great leveller of capitalism. That'd sort the shit from the shoeshine.

If only, huh?

Thanks for this VB. That whole article made me smile.